BAJobs partners with local and web based radio stations such as KCBS, Alice, KNBR, Live105 and Pandora for cost-effective local advertising. We produce advertising for ourselves, as well as including our clients in co-branding opportunities in our own advertising.

Local radio is an effective way to reach prospects and promote your brand. Internet radio lets you specifically target your audience with more granularity than simply choosing a time & station.

Not sure what's best for you? we'll be happy to assess your needs and recommend a solution based on our experience.

Some examples of recent radio ads:

Pandora 60 Second (mp3) ad with a clickable "Interact with Sponsor" Display ad (pdf).

15 Second Radio Example (mp3)

30 Second Radio Example (w/Co-Branding) (mp3)

60 Second Radio Example (w/Co-Branding) (mp3)

Beyond Radio, we can help you with your messaging on Billboards, BART, Email and more.

To Learn More about our Media and Advertising services, View our Media Kit or contact us today at 408-596-5991

BAJobs is active in the Bay Area radio community as well.

Click here to listen to our most recent appearance - our founder Andrew on the the Unleash The Rain radio show